Spark the Aroma

All natural soy candles, individually crafted with pure fragrance oils and natural essential oils to boost your mood and help you create your very own peaceful space.

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Our Meltdown

Flaming Esscents is individually owned and operated by a woman with a passion for aromatherapy. Creating fragrances that will make your home feel cozy and with your well-being in mind. 
In December of 2019, I gave birth to my baby girl and shortly after began to experience postpartum depression. This was one of my toughest phases of my life and I needed to find an outlet or hobby that would ease my mind and help me find peace. I have always considered myself a candle connoisseur but I thought to myself "I wonder if making candles would be fun?". That thought turned into what I now see as my passion. I spent hours learning about the process, different types of wax, fragrances, and almost 3 years later I am excited to began sharing my creations with the world. 
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